Take home one of our premium organic coffee blends and share the Espresso Post experience with everyone at home.

Postmaster’s Roast

Our exclusive award winning signature Postmaster’s Roast is designed as a highly versatile blend that can just as confidently be brewed as a full bodied coffee at home as it is pulled in house for our all of our espresso based drinks in the café. Postmaster’s Roast is a seven origin blend carefully created to our exacting standards. Roasted just into the “sugar browning stage,” hints of caramel, chocolate and hazelnuts are the suprises you’ll find when enjoying this blend. Pre-packed in convenient ½ pound valve packs insures that what you bring home is as fresh as what we serve.

Late Night Delivery (Decaf)

A highly developed Swiss Water Processed (chemical free) Fair Trade and Organic blend that will leave you and your guests wondering “is this really decaf?”

Special Delivery

Specifically introduced to brew at home in a French Press or your favourite drip machine, Special Delivery is possibly the most dynamic coffee you’ll ever try. Seven different origins are roasted to a total of 13 profiles that create what we like to call our “happy blend.” Special Delivery has an explosive start and extraordinarily soft finish that makes it just as good for breakfast as it is for guests after dinner.

Fair Trade Organic

For the Eco-Trend-Setting Set that cannot sacrifice taste for charm. This blend will hold up to any traditional espresso, French Press or drip. Being both a registered Fair Trade AND Organic blend you can hold your head up high and spout words like “sustainable, locally roasted (in Toronto)” and “roasted at one of the lowest CO2 emission and gas consuming Artisan roaster’s in North America!”