Christene Anacleto Krause  Proprieter/baker

christineThe aroma that greets you when you walk into our café during a morning bake is definitely hard to resist. Prepared fresh every day, the pastry case is filled and topped with fresh rustic European style pastries and cakes, the shelves are stocked with homemade compotes, preserves, chutneys, and granola, and the refrigerators are filled with unique sandwiches, panini, soup and salad.

Carrot CakeChristene’s soul and passion translates directly into everything she creates. All of the ingredients are real and fresh. Preparation for much our food can begin a few days in advance. We roast the squash and tomatoes, grate the zucchini and carrots, peel and core the apples. Nuts and seeds are toasted and then chopped. Citrus fruits are zested and dried fruits are hand cut. Fruit compote, tomato chutney, or soup slow simmers on the stove. All the recipes that Christene has developed for the café, be they sweet or savory, showcase her philosophy about food: preparation of simple, fresh and seasonal ingredients in a way that brings out its wholesome goodness and all of its flavour.

Brown Sugar LoafOur baked goods menu is extensive. We do not always have everything listed available to sell every day. If you would like to special order any of our cakes or a basket of pastries and cookies catered to your needs, feel free to drop in and talk to us or send us an email at We do require a minimum 3 days notice to ensure your order can be met.

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Come on in and see what we have. Our selection of soups & sandwiches change frequently and are guaranteed to satisfy your lunchtime hunger. Take away spreads or other savories that we have from time to time and share with your family!